Tibet Travel--2

Tibet Travel--2



Potala Palace is a must-visit attraction.Dunzhu said in high season,they need to buy the tickets one day before,and for a group,they only have one hour for visiting,otherwise the tour guide will be fined!There are a lot of steps,so we are breathless all the time.The dazzling white wall needspainted every Tibetan new year.We are just so lucky,coz’ today is the last day of Tibetan new year.

Taking pictures are not allowed in all the temples,but some small temples are flexible unless you pay for it (10-20CNY),and also no hats when you walk clockwise in the temple. 

There are 3 places you can shoot panoramas of Potala Palace :

1 Just In Front Of It(shoot night photoes at 21:00 when all the lights on)


2 There is a lake in front of the palace,you can shoot reflected Potala in the water,if you are lucky enough that there is no wind and the lake is still


3 Near Potala there is Chak-po-ri Mountain.Shoot silhouettes of the palace and the sunrise.Remeber the sun comes out from the east,but behind the palace.

Barkhor street is a place for souvenirs.and don’t take pictures of the policemen,cos’ I got stopped and the policeman deleted those pictures. I was really neverse at that moment.



From Monday to Saturday in Sera monastery,Lama debat Buddhist.It’s a bit like the Greek style philosophy debating centuries ago.The examination system of debating Buddhist scriptures in the Tibetan Buddhist temple schooling is a unique method for teaching and testing.



On the way to the Sera temple,every kids I saw got a black dot on their nose which means the God will bless them having a good sleep every night.


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