Western Sichuan(Kangding,Danba,Bamei--by Shannon

Western Sichuan(Kangding,Danba,Bamei--by Shannon

The west part of Sichuan belongs to Ganzi Autonomous Region, Miles of high Mountain scenery and variety of Minority culture make it become a short cut of Tibet,No matter you have been to Tibet or not, I promise that you will love West Sichuan. You don’t need any permit to get there, just hit the road!


Keywords: 2010 May6---May10  backpack  2ppl  800CNY/person   Chengdu--Kangding--Mugecuo lake—Xinduqiao—Tagong—Bamei—Danba—Chengdu



Day1: Chengdu—Kangding   350KM    7hours

 9AM  take the tour bus from Chengdu Chadianzi bus station, 121CNY/person, have lunch in Ya’an city at 11:30,this is my second time to Ya’an, Ya’an is called “Rain city”, no wonder that it is always rainy when I arrived here everytime,just like the first letter of its car number here : T, It looks like an umbrella…..There is a fomous mountain named “Mt’Mengding”,it is the birthplace of Tea culture. If you like tea and intested in tea culture,You’d better come here in spring to learn how to get a tea leaf from the mountain.Besides, here is a place named Baoxing County,known as the hometown of Wild giant panda, cuz the first giant panda was discovered here by a French missionary David in 1869.And many foreigners go to Ya’an Bifengxia panda base to be a panda volunteer.12:30 after lunch,continue heading to Kading, passed by Luding county(15:30), and finally we arrive in Kading around 16:30 (From Luding,here is another way to Hailuogou Glacier park,35KM)

Kangding is 2700M high, it is windy and a little cold when i get off the bus, i booked a hostel in advance, kangding is small, if you take a taxi to your hostel, it only costs around 5CNY,But we decide to walk along Zheduo river to get to our hostel, after 20mins walking, we find it : Dengba Hostel  30CNY/bed, shared bathroom, here are two dengba hostels, new and old.We stayed at the old one since many people recommend on website. It is really a little old… but you should understand this is a remote county, not city,hahaha, generally,it is ok~At night, we ask the reception to arrange a car for tomorrow’s Mugecuo Lake, 120CNY,we want to find more people,but their itinerary is different from us, so just two of us.


TIPS: 康定登巴客栈Kangding Dengba Hostel(old)  Adress: 康定县西大街北二巷(格萨尔酒店旁) Tel: 0836-2823009

 Kangding is a very important transfer point from west sichuan to Tibet, and here are many athnic groups, 70% are tibetan


Day2: Mugecuo lake—Xinduqiao    71KM    1.5hours

8:00 Take the car to Mugecuo Lake area,not far,just 30mins driving.  entrance: 120CNY/person and tour bus inside: 100CNY/person(studernts can get 50% discount for the entrance),Mugecuo lake area is called “ Small Jiuzhaigou Valley”, I think so ~The tour bus took us from the foot to the top (30mins),that is Mugecuo lake on the top (3780m),my friend was crying when she got off the tour bus and faced to the lake.heheheh,Today is sunny and clear, we saw the snow mountain around the lake,fantastic! We spent one hour here for sight seeing and taking photos, then walk down along the pathway(3hours),Passed by 杜鹃峡(,the blooming flower all the way along the river are really beautiful, 药池沸泉(a hotspring where you can jump into or just throw a egg to boilafter 3hours walking, we arrived at 七色海(seven colors lake, the lake is in different green colors and the fomous snow mountain 莲花山(lotus mountainjust in front.Then we take the tour bus again to get out. In my opinion, Mugecuo is really worth to go, cuz it is easy to walk and enjoy different kinds of scenery.14:00 Back to Kangding Dengba hostel to get our bag, have luch,and take a taxi to the town, find a car which will go to Xinduqiao and shared the costs with the local people(50CNY/person)  Kangding to Xinduqiao: 71KM, 1.5hours. we passed by a mountain 折多山( Mt’ Zheduo 4298m) on the way. If you arrive here in the morning, you may see the breath taking sunrise here. 18:00 reached Xinduqiao Yak hostel, it is 5KM from the town, besides to the road, here is far more beautiful than the town, highly recommend! Xinduqiao is so famous for it is “photographer’s paradise”(摄影师的天堂) the most beautiful time is Autumn, when the trees on both sides of the road turn yellow.Although it is not Autumn now, I still love it so much, clear day, mountain rivers, horse and yak on the green pasture, sunset from the red sky, Tibetan style house…….I will stay longer if I come here next time~ In the night, we want to find two more people to go together tomorrow, here is a team in yak hostel, but they are bicycle team(20ppl) to Lhasa, wow….

So we decided to try other hostels nearby, it is all in black, there is no street light……it is really horrible cuz the big car may kill you on the road…..we did not find anyone  and gonna go to the town next morning to try our fortune~



TIPS: 新都桥雅克驿站Xinduqiao Yak hostel   Adress:新都桥营光寨   Tel:13558515700   MSN: zm9696@hotmail.com Here are an old temple and a “sky burial stage”天葬台 5KM away . Can spend a whole day to get around if you have enough time~


Day3: Xinduqiao—Tagong—Bamei—Danba   170KM    3.5hours


we get up every early this morning since there is traffic control,we should arrive in Tagong before 8:30, luckily,we find people share the car to Danba in downtown (70CNY/person,very cheap this time)it only takes 30mins from Xinduqiao to Tagong, Tagong has a grassland and a temple, I have to say the most beautiful thing in Tagong is “Zhara holy mountain”(雅拉神山6647m),there are totally nine holy mountains in the world(or china?), and Zhara is ranked second~the grass have not grown up, July will be better~  Tagong is also a very nice place, can not miss it~ we stayed in Tagong for an hour, then go to Bamei.Tagong to Bamei,30mins,then Bamei to Danba,110KM, 150mins.The first 60mins sceneray from Bamei to Danba is just AMAZING, after this, we go down to low place~

13:00 arrive at Danba, then walk to Dengba hostel~ Dengba hostel is located in downtown, we ask them rent a car for us to getting around every attractions (50CNY/person),It is cheap cuz every scenic spots are not far from downtown~ Normally, two days is enough for Danba.

And here are four attractions: Jiaju Tibetan village(甲居藏寨)Suopo watch tower(梭坡雕楼)Zhonglu(中路)Beauty Valley(美人谷),We give up Beauty valley because we are all girls just intested in handsome guy, hehhe kidding, cuz we don’t have enough time and I heard it is not so good as its fame~Uhm if you wanna do trekking to explore the original wild sceneray, you can choose Dangling(党龄)5hours driving from Danba, need to take tent,and no cellphone signal there.In the afternoon, we first go to Jiaju Tibetan village (entrance 30CNY/person), Jiaju is the most famous spot among the three, we walk for a while and feel really tired, cuz danba is too hot…..Here is a nice place can stay overnight in the village: 三姐妹接待站(three sisiters’ family house TEL: 13541467262 小拉姆   13568289025大拉姆 13990466726桂花   if I knew this place before, I will choose to stay here tonight~


TIPS: 丹巴登巴客栈(Danba Dengba HostelADD丹巴县三岔河南94TEL0836-3521528,13541461207,13508294007


Day4: sight seeing in Danba: Suopo Watching tower and Zhonglu

In the morning, we first go to Suopo Watch tower, here are 84 towers distributed on the mountain, They are classified according to their main functions: night watch towers, residential towers and communal towers.It is used for war,storage,and living as well~ secondly, towers devided into 4angles 5,6,8angles, 8angles is very hard to see~And I heard that towers also classified to female and male, it is intesting,but I don’t know how to recognize~Many watch towers today are not used anymore, they just stand there and we did not go inside to have a look~After short visit of watch tower, we go to Zhonglu. Zhonglu is not famous as other spots, but I have to say it is the BEST!!!! And I found many people feel the same as me when they come back from Danba~I don’t know how to describe in English, Zhonglu looks like a wonderland, all in green,and every family here has garden with flowers.

We start trekking in Zhonglu from noon time, and find a very nice place to have lunch, you can also choose to stay overnight here.

Zhonglu Dongpo family(中路东坡藏家)  ADD: 丹巴县中路乡克格依村  TEL: 1350829242313558509707 0836-8807790

We walk around 4hours in Zhonglu, then go down to meet our driver around 17:00.Danba Dengba hostel arranged the come back bus tickets to Chengdu for us the next morning,


TIPS:many people gonna go to Siguniangshan(four girls mountain)after danba. Usually need two days for Siguniangshan


Day5: Danba—Chengdu  420KM   9hours

This trip makes me feel that Sichuan have more possibilities than I imagine, many places are not open to public, the circle I went is the smallest and esiest one. Usually in our mind, Sichuan is just Jiuzhaigou valley, Mt’ Emei, Leshan giant Buddha,… that is not true actually, you will find much more beautiful places everywhere in west and north Sichuan, I will try the big circle someday which covers Litang,Daocheng,Yading then straight to Shangrila~




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