Tibet travel-1

Tibet travel-1

Tibet Travel

 You probably have checked the history of Tibet,and even the background of the Temples and attractions there,so I wont mention too much about the tourism places but the useful tips.



Itinerary:Chengdu—Lhasa—Shigatze—Tingri—EBC--Old Tingri—Zhangmu—Nepal.Kathmandu—Nepal.Pokhara



We get up really early to catch the shuttle bus to the airport,although still sleepy,we are so exited.Shayla and I didn’t expect we could go to Tibet at this age.Actually the first plan of the transportation was train,spending 44hours on the highest altitude railway enjoying splendid scenery would be a so special experience.But it is so hard to buy the tickets and we donn’t have enough time for the train.So got to fly!


Two and half hours later,we land at Konggar Airport.While walking out of the Exit,we meet our tour guide Dunzhu.He transfer us to Lhasa city with about 1hours’driving(60km).On the way,you ‘ll get greeted by Nie Tang Buddha-a Buddha imge engraved in the mountain.The temperature is 6 degree but full of sunshine,so it’s not that cold.Blue sky,white cloud,beautiful sunshine,those things you can never find in Chengdu,cos’ the city is always gloomy!

Lhasa city includes two sections:the Old one &the New one.But both of them are not quite big.Tibet locates in the west of China,so everything will delay 2hours compared to Chengdu.800 sunrise,2100 sunset.


At lunch time ,we taste the real local food such as stewed yak tongue (I donnt eat inner organ and weird meat,but yak tongue is really expensive and delicious,cant help trying),stewed lamb with radish(the radish is so good) ,masala tea(sweet tea) ,tsampa (roasted barley) with butter and cheese ,tibet butter tea(this will release the high mountain  sickness), plain lassi(it is amazing).


We checked all the hostels in Lhasa(totally there are three hostels:Dongcuo,Pingcuo and Sonam),The facilatilities are just ok,no hot water &heating.One of the staff of Sonam said next winter they will insatll heating system,in that case I would recommend Sonam.


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