Chengdu to Lugulake,Lijiang,Dali

Chengdu to Lugulake,Lijiang,Dali

 Day1   Chengdu-Xichang


      T8865 21:45—07:03       09:18hours

      K9471 20:05—06:19        10:14hours

      K9481 21:00—08:37        11:37hours

      Hard seat: around86CNY    Hard Sleeper:around 140CNY   

      Soft sleeper:around 215CNY

The sleeper is difficult to’d better book as early as possible.

When I went to the train office to buy the train ticket from Chengdu to Xichang 2days before, it was too late,all the sleeper tickets were  sold out.and My first choise:T8865,there wasn’t  any tickets,so I had to buy the train:K9481.hard seat.


Day2  Xichuang-Lugu lake

BUS: Xichang- Lugu lake

Departure time:08:40am   price:75CNY   Around 7hours

When the bus on the way to Lugu lake,there will be a ticket seller get on to collect money(entrance fee:80CNY)

I was arrived Lugu lake 4pm,there was a driver from Wind’s hostel pick me up.It is 25CNY/bed,Drom4.


As you know,the bus from Xichang to Lugu lake was running only 8:40am everyday ,when I arrived Xichuang,first I should take Taxi (Mini van:10CNY/person)from train stataion to the bus station,the bus from Xichang to Lugu lake had already gone.i had to take bus first to Yanyuan(46CNYY OR 55CNY 3:30hours),Then from Yanyuan  change bus to Lugu lake(31CNY).Some one told me the last bus from Yanyuan to Lugu lake is around 2pm,but when I arrirved there 12:30pm,they told me this was the last one.OH!I cann’t believe,but I was lucky.



Day3    Lugu lake


Rent a van(drive round the lake):150CNY

Night party:20CNY



the lake was beautiful especially morning.only a few person,very quiet,I looked around there isn’t any other people,this was my best love.

Lige is like a small ancient village,you can sit close to the river,see the sun raise,romance!



I got off at Luoshui,then walked 2hours to Lige,on the half way ,there was a beach,very nice.

In Lige,there are lots of hostel,I saw one YHA hostel,looks nice.but,the drom was bad,unclean and shabby.the computer was very slow but free.there standard twin room only 60CNY.i think it would be better..


Day3     Lugu lake to Lijiang(bus ticket:65CNY)


 I booked the bus ticket when I arrived YHA hostel,At Lige,you can book bus ticket at most of the hostel.the bus just outside of YHA hostel’s gate.then the next day morning,we left at 8am.Usually,it will take 6hours.

 Lijiang,is a very nice ancient twon,very relax,there are many many bar and restaurants,sell different kind of souvenir,most of them are made by hand.

From Lijiang you can go to Tiger leaping gorge then Shangri-la ,it is just a two days is easy to find a group.i don’t have enough time,my journey is very hurry.everyone told me it is worth to go.i should stay longer.

Both Panba hostel and Garden Inn are nice place to stay,actually there are more than 1000hotels in Lijiang.they told us ,even there are so many hotels.but in the high seaon,it is still difficult to find a room.


Day4    Lijiang-Dali


BUS ticket:65CNY 4hours

Actually there is one train leave at 9am.only 1.5 hours it will arrived Dali,the price is 35CNY(soft seat), I want to go Shuhe(涑河)have a look in the morning,so I took the bus.Suhe is also a ancient town,similar with Lijiang ancient town,but it is more quiet than Lijiang,half an hour drive,it is nice.

The train will arrive Xiaguan(),it is in the Dali new city,but if you take bus you can get off at Dali old town.

I like the Hump hostel very much,the drom is very big.very comfortable.the computer is very fast and free.


Day5      Dali-Erhai-Kunming


In the day time ,I went the Erhai Lake,Dali old town is in the middle of Erhai and Yulong ice mountain,I don’t like Erhai after I saw Lugu lake.and I lost my camera into the water.

In the evening,I intended to take the night train from Dali to Kunming.

K9628, departure time:22:06  arrived time:05:45 the next day morning.

Hard sleeper:83CNY,but on the way to train station,I lost my wallet.

I did’t have money any more and lost my train ticket.I was knee-deep in trouble(Leave out 10000Words here),

In the end ,I took another train leave at middle night.


Day6 Take flight from Kunming to Chongqing in the evening.


Day7:take high speed train from Chongqing back to Chengdu.


Because I lose my IDcard,and I booked the flight in advance, I did’t go to any where,I went to the airport to apply the temporary ID card in order to catch the flight.and without IDcard,I had to stay in my friend’s home.I could’t stay in hotel or hostel.


This is my first time traval alone,fortunately,when I came back,someday phoned me.he found my wallet,then he post it to me.(so,don’t forget to leave your contact information with your important things)


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