Jiuzhaigou to Songpan Timetable

Jiuzhaigou to Songpan Timetable


Traffic Inn T-Shirt

Traffic Inn T-Shirt

Traffic Inn staff tee in summer time

different color and size for sale if you like:)


Chengdu Consulate and Chengdu PSB

Chengdu Consulate and Chengdu PSB

Consulate General of Thailand in Chengdu


04/12FFengde International Plaza,No.6,Hangkong Road


Tel: 028-66897862


Consulate of Pakistan


8F,Western Tower,No.19,South Renmin Road,section4




Consulate of Singapore


E/31F,Guancheng Squre,No.308,Shuncheng Street

成都市顺城大街308号 冠城广场31E

Tel: 028-82931293


Consulate general of the Federal Republic of Germany


25F,Western Tower,No.19,South Renmin Road,Section 4


Tel: 028-85280800


Consulate General of the Republic ...

Sichuan University

Sichuan University

Traffic Inn is the only one hostel located in the south of Chengdu city.And very close to Sichuan University.A lot of foreign students who stay in Sichuan University stay here for a long time.

They practice Chinese with us,and we will search the part-time job for them,such as English teacher,etc.


Third International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in Chengdu

Third International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in Chengdu

Third China Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival will be held May 29 to June 11 was held in Chengdu. March 10, the Ministry of Culture and the Sichuan Provincial Government, held in Beijing, the Ministry of the Third International Festival of non-genetic co-provincial conference , Vice Minister of Culture Zhao Shaohua, vice governor of Sichuan Province, Huang Yanrong attended the meeting .


The current international non-heritage festival theme of "promoting the human civilization and build a spiritual home", by the Ministry of Culture, the Sichuan Provincial Government, UNESCO organized the Chengdu Municipal Government, Sichuan Province, Department of Culture, China Intangible Cultural ...

Chengdu to Lugulake,Lijiang,Dali

Chengdu to Lugulake,Lijiang,Dali

 Day1   Chengdu-Xichang


      T8865 21:45—07:03       09:18hours

      K9471 20:05—06:19        10:14hours

      K9481 21:00—08:37        11:37hours

      Hard seat: around86CNY    Hard Sleeper:around 140CNY   

      Soft sleeper:around 215CNY

The sleeper is difficult to purchase.you’d better book as early as possible.

When I went to the train office to buy the train ticket from Chengdu to Xichang 2days before, it was too late,all the sleeper tickets were  sold out.and My first choise:T8865,there wasn’t  any tickets,so I had to buy the train:K9481.hard seat.


Day2  Xichuang-Lugu ...

Jiuzhaigou in winter

Jiuzhaigou in winter

·                              Jiuzhaigou was in my travel list since I had the plan to travel around the world. Spending less money to visiting more places is my travel philosophy. Even through joining a tour was not the best choice, but it only took 350CNY for a 3 days tour, which included everything just except a lunch! This was the best value for money. I knew I would do it

         As everyone knows, getting up early is one of the main features when join a tour. Shannon, my dear travelling companion and I got up at 5 am. the first day. We took ...

Western Sichuan(Kangding,Danba,Bamei--by Shannon

Western Sichuan(Kangding,Danba,Bamei--by Shannon

The west part of Sichuan belongs to Ganzi Autonomous Region, Miles of high Mountain scenery and variety of Minority culture make it become a short cut of Tibet,No matter you have been to Tibet or not, I promise that you will love West Sichuan. You don’t need any permit to get there, just hit the road!


Keywords: 2010 May6---May10  backpack  2ppl  800CNY/person   Chengdu--Kangding--Mugecuo lake—Xinduqiao—Tagong—Bamei—Danba—Chengdu



Day1: Chengdu—Kangding   350KM    7hours

 9AM  take the tour bus from Chengdu Chadianzi ...

Tibet to Nepal--Tibet Travel 3

Tibet to Nepal--Tibet Travel 3



In two days we have visited almost all the big temples,and Drepung Monastery is my favourite.we happen to see young people beating the ground with sticks to make the earth flattened.They call it A-GA-TU.Almost all the grounds in the Temples are made in this way by local people who are willing to do it for free.



Temples inside are dark,some of them even have no windows,therefore the precious paintings on the walls can be kept from the strong sunlight.

There is an interesting thing that I want to mention,while walking around,I ...

Tibet Travel--2

Tibet Travel--2



Potala Palace is a must-visit attraction.Dunzhu said in high season,they need to buy the tickets one day before,and for a group,they only have one hour for visiting,otherwise the tour guide will be fined!There are a lot of steps,so we are breathless all the time.The dazzling white wall needspainted every Tibetan new year.We are just so lucky,coz’ today is the last day of Tibetan new year.

Taking pictures are not allowed in all the temples,but some small temples are flexible unless you pay for it (10-20CNY),and also no ...

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