Panda - 旅游路线

Panda Volunteer

This program allows you to get even closer with the pandas.

You'll become a panda daddy/mom, taking care of panda's breakfast, and supper by preparing their beloved bamboo and apples and feed pandas with it.

Panda's intake of bamboo needs to be measured before and after feeding. After meal, there is panda poo-poo needs to be cleared away, your assistant will explain some of the vital signs involved with a panda's health by observing panda's poo.

In good weather you are also invited to give panda a shower, they enjoy this very much. After a day's work, you'll be awarded a certificate for having the ability to take care of pandas.


 Trip Cost: 700 CNY / Person ( During weekend it will be 200CNY more)

 Included are:

 Entrance fee (58 CNY)

 Round-trip transportation

 Volunteer fee



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